Frameless Glazing

Spider glazing systems is the most famous cladding system in contemporary architecture. This system is usually installed in areas where maximum transparency is required and the glazing systems are chosen based upon the height opening available. Spider fitting systems connect glass together is an open space using various types of light steel/glass structures via various types of spider fitting members to form flexible and unobstructed curtain wall facade. Spiders are stainless steel material which does not have any effect of corrosion and are available in 304 or 316 grades.

It can be used in different designs and applications in building architecture such as, external cladding in atrium area, canopy area, skylight/dome, glasshouses, interior partition, internal staircases etc.

Different combinations of thickness, sizes, process (tempered glass) and types of glasses (single, insulating or laminating glass) can be considered in designing spider glazing system. This engineering is done by AGV professionals to give a structurally viable design for construction. Center to center dimensions of Spiders vary according to the wind load and stress requirements as per the project. Spider glazing system given by AGV is generally of three types;

  • •Fins system glazing.
  • •Truss system glazing.
  • •Tension-rod system glazing.


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