Company Overview

Orignated form Bharat Aluminium in 1987, development under the supervision of Master mind Mr.V.K. Sharma (Technical Director) to AGV ALFAB LTD . in 1998. - This development was pillared by the execution power of Director (execution & purchase) Mr. G K Sharma and Director (purchase) Mr. Arun Sharma for growth.

At Present AGV ALFAB LTD. is geared up by the Young dynamic and innovative, Mr. Punit Sharma (Director Marketing)

Today AGV ALFAB LTD . has experience, dynamic and innovative execution power which predispose the tremendous growth for sure.


With 30+ years in the building industry we have the knowledge for various building projects, from new homes, large renovations, smaller renovations, to any type of commercial and office buildings.

AGV is a self-performing, façade contractor with the resources to handle critically challenging projects of any size, location, and complexity. We are strong on integrity and showcase exceptional expertise as we deliver projects on time and with the master workmanship.

Green Construction

Given the demands of today’s facilities and the market trends, AGV green construction solutions present a strong opportunity to capture value and cost savings while positively impacting the Earth and community.

We are proud of implementing green construction standards of the highest quality. Our staff that is handpicked has experience across a range of disciplines, enabling us to complete our projects on time and in accordance with budget.


We implement the newest technologies in communication and construction giving full transparency to our clients about project schedule, change orders, and progress photos.

Since our establishment in 1987, our company has been oriented towards innovations and new technologies as well as techniques that are time-proved. Even today such an approach allows us to achieve perfect results during development of al our projects.


AGV is sincerely interested in the safety of our employees, the public, and our operations. We have a Safety Program and our employees are continually trained on safety issues.

Our health and safety advisors inspect and analyze every construction site we work on to make sure that every project is carried out in accordance with safety regulations and all our employees adhere to current safety measures. It serves as a key to success for both our employees and project managers.

Risk Management

Managing risks is vital to successful completion of any construction project we work on. We pay a lot of attention to this part of our work. Our risk management department knows how to plan work of our employees risk-free.

Construction projects are exposed to risks at the time of their coming into existence. During various stages, it must first of all be considered what risks the project manager would like to counter with measures and how costly these measures are. In this situation, our risk managers can provide valuable advice to our customers and project managers.